hello there.

We are so happy you have decided to purchase your pregnancy announcement with us! If you choose to send us your ultrasound photo, you can do so before or after your purchase via the below form.

The most convenient way to send your photo is to simply snap a photo with your phone. Please make sure you get it as flat as possible, and your image is free of any obstruction. It doesn’t have to be perfect, most ultrasound photos are not. As long as it is a photo you will be. happy with on your design, we can work with it. Here are a few things to know about the process:

I typically crop out all personal information, it is usually too small to see on the final design anyway. I will also adjust the color and remove any wording from on top of the photo (if possible). If you would like your photo to remain as is, I totally understand! Just leave me a note in the message section below. I respect your privacy and do not keep any photos or personal information after your order is filled.

Thank you for shopping and feel free to contact us with any questions!